Another Holiday Season & Assorted News! October 14 2014

Hi to all fans of the Ladybug! Of course, I'm always willing to admit that I'm the worlds worst blogger, but at least the Facebook Feed is updated a few times a month!

It is hard to believe that another year is in the homestretch. A busy one it has been, too.

After most of two years, we decided to reconfigure the booth at Renaissance on the Langley Bypass over on the Vancouver side, to feature a candle wall in the main part of the store. There will still be a case full of collectables, but the focus on our Danish Taper Candles makes more sense moving forward.

Starting in the Spring of 2015, we will introduce selected vintage and antique items to the main store, as it is getting very difficult to obtain Danish Iron new and some very cool candleholders come up if you keep your eyes open!

Meanwhile, we are through Thanksgiving and zooming towards Christmas! The big order from Denmark is scheduled to arrive in Vancouver on October, 22 so we will be loading the stock before the end of the month. Lots of new candles and much Scandinavian Christmas Decor... Always a lot of fun.

If you like us on Facebook, you will get a special treat: A free pair of H4 tapers in any colour, whenever you spend $20.00 or more. I find it's easiest to just google "Ladybug Boutique Victoria" and then follow the link to Facebook... There are thousands of Ladybug things on Facebook proper and it is tedious trying to find the right page.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to loyally support our, and many other, small businesses during this long period of economic difficulty. Small businesses give communities their unique flavour and it is great to be able to continue operating a special little store, in ours.


The Big Bug!