Look! A New Post. August 16 2009

One of the problems with being a "one man band" is that there are always so many things to do and, thus the poor website is the last thing on the list! We have had a better than anticipated Spring and Summer season and are very grateful for the community support and the tourists that find their way to Mattick's Farm.  Thank-you all very much!

As always, our popular lines have been supplemented with interesting new items to look at and buy:  Dichroic Glass earrings and pendants by local Victoria Glass Artist, Renate, are a huge hit.  Dichroic Glass was developed for the American space industry as a method of bounding metal oxides to glass under high temperatures.  The result of variations in the process is a shimmering glass that reflects myriad colours.  Each piece is unique and is like wearing a little work of art.  Renate is prolific, so our selection is ever varying.  Well worth checking out.

We have also added Mark Bateman's handmade glass Hummingbirds and Dragonflies.  These delicate little creatures add sparkle to any window and offer another opportunity to showcase local talent.

Geoffrey Lane has added Soy Wax to his candle line as well as a Beeswax blend to his main line.  These premium candles from North Vancouver compliment our huge selection of imported Danish candles.  Unscented, as always...

It being August, the Christmas orders are all going in to our Danish suppliers.  As well as the much anticipated new colours from our favorites candle makers, we are looking forward to new Glass from Dansk Glaskunst.  Our popular patterns will be augmented with a few well chosen (I Think!) pieces of their "free-form" glass in  their new colour ranges.  We are also restocking our Norse jewelry from Kalevala of Finland and Neils P Design from Denmark.  For fans of Celtic and Viking Age design these lines are a "must see".

New ornaments from Denmark and Sweden will round out our collection of "Nisser" and "Tompter" (those cute little Elves that live in the back corner of our store) and a new collection of wooden "pyramids", hand crafted in Germany, emphasize a traditional, European Christmas.

Leslie, Mary, Betty and I are happy to welcome Bonnie back from sick leave and are looking forward to welcoming all of you to the store over the Fall.

Finally, in answer to the numurous queries, we have been working on adding a mail order component to this website.  So some time before Christmas we will list the ranges of candles we always have in stock, so that our customers outside the Victoria can replenish their supplies!