Getting Ready for Christmas! October 26 2012

Finally, at long last, we are moving the web-site into the 21st Century! Thanks to my friend Tina and Bohdan at Interconnect Communications, we are preparing to sell, first, our very popular taper candles and, soon, our Norse Museum jewelry.  We should be up and running over the next few weeks. We are also preparing our Facebook page, so you can "Like" us there!

While all of this is going on in the cyber-world, I am setting up a small satellite store in the new Antique Mall on the Langley Bypass in the Langley area, south of Vancouver.  The store is called Antique Concepts and the Antique Mall part should be fully ready and stocked by mid-November.

At the Ladybug at Mattick's Farm, we are preparing to set up for Christmas. Over the next two weeks our little Elves will be taking over and spreading a Nordic Christmas through the store. We are adding a lot of linens and new glass to our lines, so look for new treats amongst your familiar friends.

I have promised to be better about up-dates, so keep an eye on the blog!