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The elves have been busy

As the Easter bunny hops away for another year, the lovely flowers of May bring us to Mother’s Day. The Ladybug is the ultimate stop for perfect treats for moms and grandmas! Beautiful glass Hummingbirds by Mark and Adam Bateman, our new ladybug decorated mugs from Funky Fungus Pottery, new stock from Sue Clarke at Crowstone Pottery on Bowen Island, a whole bunch of new friendship balls from Kitras Glass... oh, the list just keeps on going! You can’t miss the jewelry selection, either... At this store, the elves work year around!

Funky Fungus mugs

Stained Glass September 10 2017

Interesting and new is my goal, and to that end we are really pleased to introduce the wonderful stained glass windows from Glass Artisan Maryann Shoemaker. Maryann works using the traditional "copper foil" method to create magnificent new windows that evoke the traditional styles of a bygone era. Suitable for architectural installations or for hanging up instead of drapes, these fabulous windows are a bit of an investment, but worth it for a unique piece.