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Stained Glass September 10 2017

Interesting and new is my goal, and to that end we are really pleased to introduce the wonderful stained glass windows from Glass Artisan Maryann Shoemaker. Maryann works using the traditional "copper foil" method to create magnificent new windows that evoke the traditional styles of a bygone era. Suitable for architectural installations or for hanging up instead of drapes, these fabulous windows are a bit of an investment, but worth it for a unique piece.

January Already! January 16 2009

Hello Everybody! Here we are into the New Year.  I hope the transition from the feverish activity of the Holidays to the regular grind was smooth and free of extra pounds!

The snowfall before Christmas was not very helpful.  Mattick's Farm is far enough out that inclement weather is a real problem.  To those of

you who made it out, a heartfelt "Thank-you".  To those who were trapped at home or otherwise wary, we hope to see you throughout the year and next Christmas.

The Spring stock is coming in already:  Bright new serviettes, fresh pottery from both Sue Clarke and Marilyn Henderson and sooner than we think, Easter candles and egg cups will be sliding in too.  A Valentine's display will be out first, in the third week of January...a few nice candles for that romantic dinner, perhaps?

Over the next weeks we will see a new line of napkins, mugs and placemats in the store.  I have been looking at this line for a while and am pleased that the supplier has offered it to me.  I'm sure it will be a welcome and complimentary addition to our selection.

I'll try to post more often in the next weeks, so watch this space!

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